Group Therapy

Survivors of Sexual Abuse - Women's Therapy Group

Currently forming.  Beginning February 2019.

This group provides a safe space for women with trauma histories to:

  • Share their stories (though not
    required) with supportive others

  • Experience feeling understood and recognized by others

  • Explore and work though the impact
    of abuse
  • Gain ability and comfort in
    connecting with one’s inner emotional experience   
  • Find ways of making meaning or
    narrative of on’s past
  • Find ways of allowing the past to
    be in the past so one can be fully present in current experiences in

Adolescent Therapy Group

Currently forming.


The adolescent interpersonal process group aims to provide unique opportunities to help teens address concerns including anxiety and depression, learn about themselves, and improve their relationships.  Finding support among others dealing with similar concerns can be invaluable.  Members are invited to talk spontaneously and honestly and to reflect on and learn from their interactions.  The group can then be a safe, supportive place to try new ways of relating to and connecting with others.  Adolescent girls and guys dealing with a range of relational or emotional concerns could be a good fit for the group.

Young Adult Therapy Group

Wednesdays 8-9:15pm


The Young Adult interpersonal process group is particularly focused on young adults ages 18-29.  Anxiety, depression, stress, feeling stuck in life, or having difficulty transitioning are just some of the concerns members address.  Finding that others struggle with similar experiences, you’ll likely feel the support of the group.  We’ll draw on how we all interact with one another for feedback and insight as we learn more about ourselves and one another.