Annie Yocum, PsyD
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What to Expect

On the phone, I can answer any questions you have and get a sense of what your concerns are.  If you choose, we can schedule a time to meet. 

At our first appointment, I’ll invite you to talk in more detail about what you’re dealing with and how you’re hoping therapy will help.  I’ll share with you my thoughts and ideas about how I may be of help to you. 
The first couple sessions involve an assessment of your needs and is a time when you can consider and decide if you are comfortable continuing our work together.

Sessions are 45 minutes long.  They are usually scheduled once a week, though can be more or less frequent as needed.

Risks & Benefits

Psychotherapy is not easily described in general statements. It varies depending on the personalities of the psychologist and client as well as the particular concerns you bring forward. There are many different approaches I may use to help you address the concerns you have.  Generally, it is a collaborative effort between us and requires active effort on your part. 

Because the process of therapy often involves discussing the unpleasant aspects of your life, risks include experiencing uncomfortable feelings such as sadness, anxiety, guilt, anger, frustration, and/or confusion.  Risks also include having to handle potentially difficult consequences of decisions you come to in the course of the therapy process (e.g., deciding to confront someone or to make a life change). 
On the other hand, the benefits of therapy include feeling less distressed, having fewer symptoms, feeling more satisfied in relationships, having greater personal awareness and insight, managing stress more effectively, and resolving specific problems.  Because therapy is a highly individualized, personal, and fluid process, there are no guarantees about what you will experience. 

We can discuss any questions you have about my approach to therapy at any time.  If any doubts persist, I will be happy to refer you to another mental health professional.

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